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Meet Our Suppliers


Inductive, Ultrasonic, Fiber and Optical Sensors. Outstanding line of Safety Systems and Light Curtains.
Manufactured in Switzerland.


Outstanding line of Motor Starters, Power Monitoring
with Operator Interfaces, and complete Panel
Components. Manufactured in Italy.


Light Curtains and complete Safety Systems. Manufactured in Italy.


Inductive,Capacitive, Fiber and Optical
Sensors. Outstanding line of Rotary
Encoders. Manufactured in Switzerland.


Outstanding Line of Stainless Steel, IP67+,
Washdown, and HighPurity valving and actuators.
Manufactured in Israel.


Industry & application specific sensing solutions from a portfolio of 
high quality photoeyes, laser measuring sensors, and complete safety
solutions. Manufactured in Germany.


Outstanding Line of Operation Switches, Safety Switches,
Hinge Switches and Safety Control Systems. Manufactured in Italy.

Sensing Solutions and Controls
We Solve Your Design Problems.

Doing business with us is greater than just a service. We passionately share your vision and will solve design problems involving; electrical sensing, electrical control, or process valving, we are ready to help accelerate your business. 

What's on your Drawing Board?

In addition to running this distributorship my wife and I are also entrepreneurs.  You can learn more about my journey of endeavors on the ‘about us’ tab, but I encourage you to check out the ‘terra gas’ tab as well.  I understand what businesses go through to isolate and develop a technology.  I also understand the gut-wrenching tradeoff between investment and cashflow because we are living it every day.  If you are looking for a partner to share your vision and solve design problems involving; electrical sensing, electrical control, or process valving we are ready.  If you are in a good place just now but need to stay abreast, please subscribe below to receive OCCASIONAL emails highlighting our products.  In the meantime, check out the content already present on this site and YouTube.

As a stakeholder you demand the best use of time, money, and space.  The line card below highlights seven primary manufacturers that we are using to create this best use. 

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Based In 
Lee, New Hampshire

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